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[one-shot] Laugh a Little, It Suits You

Title: Laugh a Little, It Suits You
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Kris / Chanyeol
Summary: In which Chanyeol works at an amusement park, Kris is always smiling, and Baekhyun is an annoying little shit. 5572 words.

    Chanyeol turns in his job application after driving some 70 kilometers to the nearest amusement park, located in a place so remote it might as well be the fucking Pacific Ocean.

    It's the summer between his sophomore and junior year in college, and it isn't that he wants, or needs, a summer job—his parents had coerced him into one after threatening to drive to campus and physically remove him from his apartment. So he goes with the next best thing, working at an amusement park—hot girls, housing provided at a relatively low cost, free park passes, discounts for friends. Kyungsoo, his roommate, is a bit miffed at Chanyeol for abandoning him, but plays it off by claiming, at least I don't have to clean up after you for the summer.

    “I'm tormenting you every day, though,” Kyungsoo adds just before he closes the door. “Consider yourself warned.”

    Chanyeol has been to the park a couple times, but generally only once or twice per summer. And visiting an amusement park for the first time each season is always special, anyway—you spot the rides kilometers before you arrive, dotting the distance like colorful yarn. Chanyeol's always been a child at heart, and he grins, tasting cotton candy in his mouth.

    He applies to be a game employee, partially because it seems like an easy job, but mostly because he wants to learn the tricks, head to the next amusement park over, and come home carrying one of those ugly, giant-ass bears hanging from the basketball hoops and sneak it into Kyungsoo's bed while he's sleeping.

    The rope-ladder sports twists and turns, and when Chanyeol's positioned there and he texts Kyungsoo about it, Kyungsoo replies, how fitting, you look like a monkey anyway.

    It's situated near the ring toss, where a guy named Baekhyun works, but the ring toss gives the possibility of winning a fucking electric guitar. Chanyeol sniffs because his game, in the end, is still more fun. Really—it's a ladder. With twists. And turns. And Chanyeol. And a comically large red button. Chanyeol twirls the extra rope between his fingers and stands tall to preserve dignity.

    “Sorry,” Baekhyun says to Chanyeol later that day, winking at a flock of girls as they pass by. He turns to Chanyeol and smiles. “I'm not really interested in them, but it's fun to see you all riled up.”

    . A couple minutes later, some idiot shits himself at the top of one of the roller coasters, and they're forced to close down the ride for about an hour. It wouldn't have affected Chanyeol much, but the commotion draws attention away from the games, and Chanyeol groans. He hasn't had a single customer that day.

    Baekhyun hops the fence over to Chanyeol's stall. “Want me to show you how to do it?”

    “How do you know I can't?” Chanyeol protests, and Baekhyun laughs.

    “Honestly, you just have this, this clueless look to you.”

    Chanyeol bites his lip to refrain from saying anything that might get him fired. But after a couple minutes of watching Baekhyun maneuver up the ladder with his lower backside in the air, Chanyeol decides that working this game has its benefits, anyway, if the foreign girls, with their extra-short-shorts and white-blonde hair, ever want to take a stab at it, and then, Chanyeol's grinning dazed, and then, Baekhyun hits the red button, and then Baekhyun's in front of his face, and then—

    “Were you staring at my ass?”

    The burgers at the restaurant nearest their stalls are awful, but at least the bread is pretty good. And the ice cream is freeze-dried into these little dots they like to call Dippin' Dots which Chanyeol would rather call heaven. “I'm straight,” Chanyeol warns at lunch break, not exactly sure what to do with the situation.

    “What of it?” Baekhyun says, crossing his arms.

    “Just saying.” Chanyeol shifts awkwardly in his seat and pokes at the extra tomatoes.

    Baekhyun shrugs. “You're not my type, anyway,” he says with a grin, and Chanyeol rolls his eyes, punching Baekhyun's shoulder. “Want to trade stalls, then?”

    “Heck no,” Chanyeol says. “Think of those girls with their butts up in the air, trying to climb that stupid rope thing. I wouldn't trade stalls for the world.”

    “Whatever,” Baekhyun replies. “Most of your customers will probably be guys, to be completely honest. No girl wants to embarrass herself like that.”

    It's sticky and humid that day, and Chanyeol tries to delay going back out to the park for as long as possible, and rests his chin on his hands. “You've worked here before, haven't you?”

    “My parents are good friends with the owners,” Baekhyun says. “I work here every summer.”

    “How about that,” Chanyeol says, exhaling. “I bet you get tons of girls. Or, uh, guys.”

    Baekhyun rolls his eyes and spins one of the plastic knives between his fingers. “Not really. Not many people come here regularly, and I don't remember their names and faces, anyway.”

    “Phone number?”

    “Who'd want to give their phone number to an amusement park worker?”

    Chanyeol shrugs. “I don't know. You're cute.”

    Baekhyun looks up then, surprised for a moment, then grins. “Are you sure you're straight?”

    The dorms are located in the back of the park, and are generally clean and well-maintained, and Baekhyun gives him a tour that evening—there's a recreation center with some billiards tables and exercise machines, an outdoor swimming pool, Internet access, and sandwich shop, and single bedrooms that seem to stretch hundreds of meters high.

    “For our hundreds of workers,” Baekhyun says, motioning toward the upper rooms.

    “Sure,” Chanyeol says, and Baekhyun laughs.

    “You'd be surprised. There's a kid whose job is to walk around in a dolphin costume every day, because that's our mascot. And he has an assistant, too.” Baekhyun carries his suitcase for him up a couple flights of stairs to his room, and Chanyeol marvels at his strength, for such a slim kid. His biceps flex from under his uniform, and—“You can invite your friends here, though. We're not that strict. And we really don't have hundreds of workers.”

    Chanyeol shakes his head and thinks he'll probably bring Kyungsoo up here some day, because it would be kind of fun to buy the pictures of him taken screaming down the hills of the roller coasters and tape them all over their walls.

    The game is harder than Baekhyun makes it look. Naturally.

    Chanyeol grunts as he falls for the fifth time onto the inflated lump underneath him, and his phone buzzes in his pocket. Good morning, I hope I woke you up.

    “I'm already awake, hah,” Chanyeol says to himself and texts Kyungsoo between the rungs of the ladder. Now that he thinks about it, Kyungsoo's the only possibly-gay person he's ever known, and Kyungsoo isn't willingly open about anything, so it's all just speculation. Baekhyun's setting up the baskets of rings, counting out exactly 40 for each hat, putting the rest in careful sets of ten around the stall, and occasionally letting out a wolf-whistle when Chanyeol's doubled-over, his ass up on display.

    “Try moving your right hand and left foot at the same time,” Baekhyun calls, then after a moment, adds, “Or, moving with some sort of motor control?”

    When Chanyeol reaches back to give him the finger, he ends up a tangled mess with the ladder and ropes between his hair and teeth and a suspicious hissing from where the cap to the inflatable catcher should be.

    “You okay over there?”

    “Fuck you,” Chanyeol shouts back, muffled by his hair in his mouth. Baekhyun laughs, and Chanyeol thinks it isn't that ridiculous, people make fools of themselves on the ladder every day, right, until—

    “Is he sure he's alright?”

    And that voice certainly does not sound like Baekhyun's.

    “He'll take care of himself,” Baekhyun replies, and Chanyeol scrambles up, suddenly untangling himself from the pile of ladder and plastic and rubber and polyester.

    There's a tall guy next to Baekhyun, staring in Chanyeol's general direction with the slightest hint of possible content on his face, but otherwise looking rather forlorn. “Sorry, this is Kris. He's a friend of mine from college, came all the way from China to visit for a few months,” Baekhyun explains, motioning to the guy. Baekhyun then turns to him and says, “Sorry you had to witness that; he isn't usually this incompetent.”

    Kris laughs a bit at that, and there's something attractive in his laugh, even though his mouth is strange and it looks kind of stupid while stretched across his jaw. Chanyeol rubs his neck and grins and forgets to snap at Baekhyun for the insult.

    “China, huh,” Chanyeol says, sitting under the shade of Baekhyun's stall later that morning, hooking his hands behind his head. “Is it just Kris? Or are there girls?”

    “No, just Kris and a couple of his roommates.”

    “Any girls?”

    Chanyeol,” Baekhyun says firmly, turning toward him. “If you wanted a girlfriend so badly, you should've just hooked up with someone from your class. You're good-looking, why are you still single?”

    And honestly, he doesn't exactly have an answer to that. Over the past few days, Chanyeol's gotten used to Baekhyun's erratic eyebrows and sexual innuendos, and girls just don't charm like Baekhyun does. Chanyeol doesn't deny that he's a bit long-winded around girls, and Kyungsoo, being the Good Roommate, tells him that it's just his breath. But Chanyeol chews gum, so it can't be that. “So I can look at all of them at the same time,” he says, and Baekhyun snorts. Chanyeol isn't really in a position to commit, though, so at least it's mutual. He glances over at a spinning ride, shaped like an octopus with tentacles growing from its tentacles, located across the walkway from their stall. Kris is there, towering over his roommates; and he looks like the type to monitor excitement levels, interrupting whenever they get too high. Chanyeol rolls his eyes. “No girls, no fun.”

    Chanyeol doesn't know whether he's jealous or what, but something about Kris's height and face in an amusement park irks him. Baekhyun sighs. “Just, hang out with him a little, okay? I think you'll enjoy yourself.”

    “He'll be staying here for a while, anyway,” Baekhyun informs him later that evening back at the dorms, poking his head into the room just as Chanyeol leaves the shower. Chanyeol jumps and nearly drops his towel. “Careful there,” Baekhyun says, grinning, and Chanyeol glares, and Baekhyun smiles fondly back, and Chanyeol finds it difficult to stay angry with Baekhyun for long. “Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. He might not spend all his time in the park, but he'll have to get back into the dorms through the park, so if you see him locked out, can you let him in?”

    It takes a lot to get Chanyeol to do someone a favor, especially someone like Kris, who looks like he belongs more on a runway than in a theme park.

    Coincidentally, Kris comes by exactly ten seconds after Baekhyun leaves, rattling with the door to the dorm.

    Chanyeol considers leaving Kris outside, but that would probably mean the end his friendship with Baekhyun, too, which would likely lead to the end of his summer job. He slams his book shut and swings his legs off of his bed and shuffles into the hallway, slipping on shoes and aiming to look as unfavorable as possible to ward off any advances. It's only when he spots Kris, standing in the doorway in a denim jacket and black jeans, that he realizes everything about this is fucking ridiculous.

    “Hi,” Chanyeol says, quickly taking off his glasses and shaking his hair into place, looking down. Kris breaks all conventions of height and supposedly attractive expressions.

    “Hey,” Kris replies, managing a small smile, and Chanyeol's eyes are drifting. “Still awake? After taking a bit of a tumble this morning?”

    Chanyeol closes his eyes and bites his lip for a moment before laughing with gritted teeth, saying, “I did that on purpose. You know. To get attention. I love attention.”

    “Well, it worked,” Kris says. Objectively, Kris is very handsome, with the street lamps lighting up his edges and leaving a bit to the imagination, and Chanyeol could possibly be jealous, even, if Kris's smile weren't so damn elusive. And Chanyeol's eyes are drifting, again.

    “Come to my stall tomorrow,” Chanyeol says, only because of Baekhyun's suggestion, with his gaze still glued to Kris's feet. At first, it's a fight to get Kris to smile, because his mouth is strange and it looks kind of stupid while stretched across his jaw, and Chanyeol strives to eliminate any possible competition. At first, it's a fight to get Kris to laugh, because Chanyeol wants to win. It's a fight against Kris, at first, and Chanyeol hears some strange echo of Baekhyun spouting stupid sexuality maxims in his head, but he ignores it.

    (And Chanyeol's eyes are drifting again.)

    “Is it possible?”

    Kris does show up the next day, though he stands off to the side and watches lamely, or maybe to save face. It's a busy day, and Chanyeol has to keep refilling the air, and it's the first time he's had a line and an audience.

    “Yeah, of course it is,” Chanyeol says defensively, shading his eyes when some tall girl almost makes it, but her friend, on the other ladder, falls and drags her down with him. “See?”

    “No,” Kris says, suddenly close, his front pressing against Chanyeol's back and his breath brushing across Chanyeol's ear. “I meant, can you do it?”

    “Of course I can,” he lies, and Kris leans back into the fence again, interested. Chanyeol breathes out, and honestly doesn't know why he's letting Kris hang out inside an otherwise restricted area. Right hand, left foot, same time. Or was it left hand, right foot? “The better question would be to ask if that's possible,” Chanyeol says, fidgeting with his fingers and motioning to Baekhyun's ring toss.

    “It might be the better question, but I asked about you first,” Kris says. His eyes never leave Chanyeol. “Now quit stalling.”

    “Pushy,” Chanyeol says under his breath and tests the bottom rung with his foot. He's lying through his teeth, and knows that he can't do it, so he scrambles up instead, flattening himself against the ladder (he'd rather not give Kris too much to work with). And Chanyeol actually almost makes it, too—but fucking up happens faster than he'd expected, and Kris's hand is on his back for a moment before he tumbles onto the inflatable catcher.

    It's only when people groan and complain and Baekhyun calls, “He's new,” from the stall over that Chanyeol remembers the audience. He sighs, limbs spread out and eyes peering up at the sky.

    “They're going to fire me,” he says after a moment, and Kris's face pops into his line of vision.

    “Then you should just learn how to do it,” he says.

    “Easier said than done,” Chanyeol replies, and Baekhyun jogs over. Kris offers a hand that Chanyeol takes, and he pulls him onto his feet almost effortlessly.

    “Here, day off, day off,” Baekhyun says, dusting Chanyeol off with his hands, and Chanyeol flinches when Baekhyun brushes an area around his crotch. “Sorry,” Baekhyun says, not really sounding sorry. “I'll have Joonmyun man these stalls, and we can go have some fun.”

    “So, for the ring toss, if you take the whole hat and throw all the rings at the same time, you have about a 30% chance of looping a bottle neck,” Baekhyun says, his hand on Chanyeol's back, and Kris's arm slung around his shoulder. “But we don't let people do that. And did you know that the basketballs for the shooting games are all overinflated? The balls are extra-bouncy—that's why you can never aim for the backboard.”

    Baekhyun's idea of fun is leading Chanyeol around in the least obtrusive way possible, probably to keep him from embarrassing himself and the entire park staff. But Chanyeol can't help grinning as Baekhyun rambles on, because he finds it difficult to stay angry at Baekhyun for long. They're standing in front of one of the boat rides, and Kris adds, “In China, they hang all the prizes from the backboard.”

    Baekhyun blinks and looks over at him. “That's a good idea.”

    “So, we're currently discussing how to scam innocent people out of their money,” Chanyeol says, and Baekhyun shrugs.

    “It's a business. And it's not scamming. They're having fun, aren't they?” Baekhyun smiles and looks up at Chanyeol, squinting his eyes in the sunlight. “You're having fun, aren't you?” Chanyeol nods in reply, and Baekhyun grins and goes on about how he hates roller coasters, so the games have always been easier for him, anyway.

    So, on the same tangent, Kris and Chanyeol end up in line for a roller coaster together, while Baekhyun runs around attempting to weasel some game employees into believing that he hasn't been working there for years. The silence is a bit more awkward now than it was last night, because there's a bustling line around them, and Chanyeol doesn't know if Kris wants to talk or not, or if Kris even wants to go on the ride, or if Kris would rather play games and chat with Baekhyun, or. Chanyeol feels stiff.

    “So, you're in college?” Kris finally asks, and Chanyeol nods.

    “You?” At first, it's a fight to get Kris to laugh, because Chanyeol wants to win. But under Kris's usual gaze Chanyeol finds himself flushing an uncomfortable shade of red-orange that he hopes Kris can't see under the dim light.

    “I just graduated,” Kris replies. “I'm looking for a job over here.”

    “Oh, in what?”

    “Not sure yet. Business major, kind of flexible. Might go to the States for graduate school if nothing comes up.”

    “Don't,” Chanyeol says quickly, and wishes a second later that his mouth weren't so impulsive. Kris eyes him. “I mean, I heard the economy sucks over there right now. So. Don't go. I'm sure you'll find something here. I mean, you're tall and good-looking.”

    Kris shrugs, then looks down at Chanyeol as if not exactly sure whether to be offended or amused, and after a moment of staring at Chanyeol's face, settles on the latter. “So, thanks for letting me in last night.”

    “That's not something you have to thank me for,” Chanyeol says, and Kris laughs.

    “The silence was kind of awkward, so.” The line moves forward a couple steps, and Chanyeol glances down at his phone—two minutes have passed. Time flies, really. Kris continues, “I'm not that great at making conversation, not in Korean, at least. And you seem like you want to chat.”

    Kris has a cool air of control around him, so Chanyeol says, “I mean. Silence is okay.”And Kris thanks him with a nod of his head, not looking directly at him but curling the edges of his lips up a bit. Kris has a nice profile. And is very objectively handsome, with the sun glaring down on dyed hair, his hands resting in his pockets, and weight shifted mostly onto one foot. Chanyeol blurts, “You could be a model.”

    Kris looks at him this time, then laughs, and Chanyeol's shoulders loosen almost automatically. His laugh is just one very subtle ha escaping from between his teeth, but it's natural and comforting, and Chanyeol kind of likes it, even though his uncomfortable flush never really ends up fading. “That's a little too fast-paced for me.”

    Before, Chanyeol never would've admitted to the tranquility in it—the silence between nauseating, over-excited visitors. But a silence with Kris is a fitting silence, the end of a conversation and something to step back on. Chanyeol matches his steps to Kris's, pressing his lips together and stilling his bouncing knee.

    (They spend a good majority of the rest of the day looking for Chanyeol's hat, which had flown off during the ride and landed somewhere in the trees—Chanyeol sees a flash of it between the fences, but he doesn't tell Kris, because searching with him, searching with a hand on Kris's shoulder and water shooting in their faces from Thunder Canyon and powdered funnel cake sugar up their noses and in their hair is way more fun.)

    “Are you sure you're—”

    “You know what, stop, stop. Forget it. I can't deal with this right now,” Chanyeol says, slamming the door in Baekhyun's face and seething at the quiet chuckle coming from outside.

    The phone rings twice before Kyungsoo picks up with a weak, “Hello?” He sounds like he'd been sleeping, but it's only midnight, and Chanyeol feels justified in waking him up after the countless times he's been woken up by an irate Kyungsoo for classes, for trains, for interviews.

    “Am I straight?” Chanyeol says, and Kyungsoo's silent for a minute.

    Then, “What?”

    Chanyeol sighs, and he knows that Kyungsoo's very well heard what he'd said. “I met this guy today.”

    “It's not Baekhyun, is it?” Kyungsoo asks with a yawn; Chanyeol's given Kyungsoo a basic summary of what's been happening, and has told him about Baekhyun and his inane abilities to dominate theme-park games.

    “No, it's his friend.”

    “Good, because you don't really seem like his type,” Kyungsoo says with a tired laugh, and Chanyeol can't even bring himself to think of any witty kind of reply. “Anyway, go on.”

    “I met this guy, and his name is Kris, and he's from China.” And part of what Chanyeol likes about Kyungsoo is his talent for listening—without saying a word, he still makes you feel like he's carefully taking in everything you say and putting a philosophical spin on it. Sometimes, Kyungsoo can nag a bit too much for Chanyeol's liking, but when Chanyeol pushes him back into a chair and gets 'serious,' or, as Kyungsoo calls it, 'sane,' he'll shut up and stare at Chanyeol with big eyes and smile a bit at the happy parts and frown a bit at the trouble spots, and he's everything Chanyeol could want in a friend. “And he bought me a new hat, too,” Chanyeol finishes, playing with the edge of his blanket. “Same color and everything.”

    He can imagine Kyungsoo, sitting up on his bed now, cross-legged and wiggling his toes and scrunching his nose to come up with something to say. “Well,” Kyungsoo voices slowly, more clear this time. “Sounds like you're whipped, Chanyeol.”

    The Wicked Twister is a back-and-forth coaster shaped like a deformed 'U', located at the edge of the park with its cars flying up the sides and spinning back down, throwing you against the restraints with an uncomfortable yet surprising sort of smoothness, of all things.

    Chanyeol hobbles from the ride's exit on his next day off, and Kris informs him that he'd screamed like a fucking girl through the whole ride. “Liar,” Chanyeol says with a jab at Kris's ribs. “My voice is deep.” Kris covers his mouth and chuckles and tells him that okay, he'd screamed like a fucking idiot through the whole ride. “Don't do that,” Chanyeol says, reaching up and pulling Kris's hand down. Kris blinks. “I mean, don't cover your mouth when you laugh. I like your laugh.” And it's then that Chanyeol notices his hand still over Kris's, and he jerks it away. “Yeah.”

    “I told you you'd like him,” Baekhyun says later that evening, flipping a ring through his fingers. He tosses it forward and lands it on the middle bottle.

    “Eh, he's alright,” Chanyeol replies, and Baekhyun grins, rubbing Chanyeol's shoulder.

    “Whatever you say,” he says. “I know you like him.”

    Chanyeol doesn't reply, but instead focuses on the laser show lighting up the Sunday night, a bag of roasted pecans in his hand, and his feet propped up on the counter of Baekhyun's stall. “But I'm not, like, attracted to guys. I don't see the appeal in fucking a guy.”

    Baekhyun chokes and reminds him that they're in an amusement park, “Screw that, you've said way worse,” Chanyeol says. Baekhyun shrugs and grabs a handful of Chanyeol's pecans and chews until he thinks of something clever to say. Chanyeol thinks that he might introduce him to Kyungsoo one day.

    “Have you ever considered getting fucked by a guy, then?”

    The Millenium Force, on the other hand, is a smooth, long coaster with steep hills and graceful turns that make your stomach leap into your throat and your throat leap out of your mouth, and your mouth leap off your face, and you're falling and falling and clutching at the seat to keep from blowing away.

    Chanyeol's pretty sure Kris is only silent the whole time because he's had his breath knocked out of him, and Chanyeol teases him about it when Kris's legs almost colllapse when he gets off the ride and stumbles onto Chanyeol's shoulder. “That was fun,” Kris says, and Chanyeol snickers and pats Kris's hand.

    Chanyeol has to run to get back to his post in time for his shift, chili cheese fries in one hand and ice cream in the other, but it's worth it, worth all of Baekhyun's scolding and Joonmyun's sighing and Kyungsoo's irritating texts; Baekhyun smiles at him sympathetically afterward when he's practicing the rope-ladder once more time and falls before the second rung. “Whipped,” Baekhyun sings, and Chanyeol gives him the finger and thinks that he should definitely introduce him to Kyungsoo.

    Kris comes back into the park early that afternoon; Chanyeol's still struggling with the torque, or whatever Kyungsoo had called it when Chanyeol asked for advice. A hand on his waist stops him from twisting to the side, and when Chanyeol looks up, Kris is there, backlit by the sun and not exactly smiling. It's a fight against Kris, at first, but Chanyeol reaches up and tugs Kris's lips into a smile. Kris laughs and turns away, accidentally dropping Chanyeol in the process.

    And Chanyeol wonders if maybe Kris is his type.

    When Kris wins him the acoustic guitar from the skee-ball game that he's unnaturally talented at, Chanyeol loses it. The competitive part of him refuses to be one-upped, and the other part of him, a part that he doesn't know what to call, is touched. Or, 'whipped'.

    So he finds himself standing inconspicuously off to the side of a claw machine with a notepad and a pencil, tallying the number of people who play it and the number of people who win for an effort to get Kris a silly purple dragon plushie. “It's rigged, of course,” Baekhyun had said, grinning. “What, you think grabbing something with a large metal claw is actually that difficult?” There's apparently a control board inside the machine that's set to a particular money-earning percent—say, one win every ten tries. “You'll have to go find that out yourself, though,” Baekhyun said, flicking Chanyeol's ear. “It's not worth anything if I tell you all the answers.”

    Chanyeol has no idea why he's here.

    He's waited twenty tries without a win, and he's beginning to think that some stupid little shit screwed it up when he or she actually was supposed to have won.

    So he's about three seconds from slipping on his sunglasses and side-stepping out of the arcade unnoticed, when a hand lands on his shoulder, and Chanyeol jumps.

    It must be karma, because only Kris has hands that large, and Kris snatches the notepad from his fingers before he has the chance to protest.

    “What's this?” he asks, and Chanyeol wrings his hands and presses his mouth into a thin line. “Rigging the system?”

    No,” Chanyeol replies, reaching again for the notepad, but Kris holds it just beyond arm length. “It was supposed to be for you, honestly.” Chanyeol glances over at the machine. “I thought the little stuffed dragons suited you, you know?” And he groans when he watches the next person win, cringing as the purple plushie falls smoothly into the bin. “As you can tell, I'm no Baekhyun.”

    Kris bites his lips, but the corners of his eyes crinkle and his cheeks grow all stiff, and he's holding in a laugh. So, the most logical thing to do at that point would be—to poke Kris in the side.

    He lets out a yelp, and Chanyeol snorts at first, then giggles, then laughs, holding his stomach and breaking into a run when Kris chases him out of the arcade.

    It's only a couple steps to Chanyeol's stand, and he doesn't know what makes him do it.

    He doesn't know a lot of things when it comes to Kris.

    He darts into the stand, throwing the iron gate open and climbing up onto the ladder. His feet fit snugly on the ropes, and Kris's footsteps behind him urge him onward, foot foot hand hand foot hand, and suddenly, he's at the top. His hand, on the red button. Chanyeol presses it just as Kris grabs his legs, and a second later, they're tangled up on the inflatable, Chanyeol lying on Kris, legs straddling his waist.

    Chanyeol's gasping for breath as he slumps over, holding Kris's shoulders. “I did it,” he says, “I—I did it, I got to the top, finally—”

    And then, Kris is kissing him, his hands resting on Chanyeol's hips. Kris is kissing him, his abdomen tensing as he leans up to reach Chanyeol. Kris is kissing him, and Chanyeol doesn't exactly have an answer to that, so he presses toward Kris until they're lying down again, and Kris rolls them over and brushes the bangs out of Chanyeol's eyes.

    “I'm straight,” Chanyeol warns, his heart pounding against his chest (from the physical exertion, he tells himself).

    “Are you sure?” Kris replies, and his face suddenly drops to a readable mix of wariness, hope, exhilaration—it would all blur into some sort of discontent for the average person, but Chanyeol isn't that anymore. And Chanyeol realizes that Kris has a subtle smile, too, one that looks like only a slight hint of content blowing by—that Kris was smiling when they'd first met. That Kris has always been smiling. Kris's breath tickles his face, and they're close, really close, chests still touching and Kris's hands on each side of Chanyeol's shoulders.

    Chanyeol's automatic nod slowly morphs into a shake of the head, then into an open mouth, into a breathy, “No,” and he lets Kris kiss him again, lets his lips trail up the side of Chanyeol's jaw, lets Kris mumble into his head that he likes him, a lot.

    The Ferris Wheel is a Ferris wheel, and is the only ride that Baekhyun will tolerate, but barely—he sputters when he finds Chanyeol and Kris exchanging numbers, though Chanyeol thinks some of it is feigned and that Baekhyun's mostly proud of his handiwork.

    “Yeah, I have to, uh, actually continue my job-hunting, so I might not be around as often,” Kris says. He's sending his roommates back to China the next day, and Chanyeol leans his head back against the glass and shifts so that their legs are touching; Kris rests a casual hand on his thigh.

    “So he'll have a room to himself,” Baekhyun adds, and Chanyeol wonders what he's doing in the same cart as them. “Don't be too loud,” he says, patting Chanyeol's knee. “It might feel weird at first—”

    Baekhyun,” Kris says, and Baekhyun pulls back but grins anyway.

    Chanyeol's phone rings, and a Yay congratulations!!! appears on the screen, from Kyungsoo, and Chanyeol immediately looks to Baekhyun, who shrugs.

    “Hey, I was looking through your contacts the other day, and the picture of him on your phone was kind of cute, and—”

    Chanyeol finds it difficult to stay angry at Baekhyun, so he just grins and crosses his legs, listening as Baekhyun makes some sexual joke about that, too. Baekhyun ends up freaking out at the fireworks and begs to be let off the ride before the next trip up, and Chanyeol agrees to it only if he's promised a job here next summer. Kyungsoo, when he visits, ends up being the one to win the ugly giant-ass plushie, a fucking banana, and with the help of Baekhyun, stuffs it in Chanyeol's shower stall to function as an effective boner-killer.

    Kris just ends up laughing at it and leading a frustrated Chanyeol to a comically small bed, where they spend the night warm and tangled together, like a stupid rope-ladder.

    Time flies, really.


a/n: a little something light for the summer! i feel like i do this every summer, haha. ride names stolen from cedar point, ;_; their roller coaster names are just so awesome. hope you enjoyed!
Tags: #one-shot, group: exo, pairing: chanyeol/kris
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