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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Fail [one-shot]

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Fail


Summary: Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung are like the three opposite ends of those triangle-highlighters; they only have one thing in common: they're all used to highlight. How did they end up falling in love?

Genre: One-shot, fluff

Rating: PG13

Pairings: KRY (Kyuhyun / Ryeowook / Yesung)

Disclaimer: No Super Junior boys belong to me.




Cho Kyuhyun didn't like Kim Ryeowook. He was too sugary, too sweet, too much the opposite of everything Kyuhyun was. And it bothered him.




Kim Ryeowook didn't like Kim Jongwoon, or better known as Yesung. His voice was too unique, too good, too much more than what Ryeowook had in his own throat.




Yesung didn't like Cho Kyuhyun. He was too young, too cocky, and too much of a handful for anyone to deal with. Sometimes, Yesung felt like Kyuhyun needed to be bitch slapped in the face.




So when the three of them were placed together in a charity-themed vocal group, going around singing Christmas carols and all that other nonsense, it was obviously understood that none of them agreed to it beforehand.

Truth was, Kyuhyun was a piece of walking, talking sex, and strutted around the school like the king he was, and wouldn't be caught dead hanging around either Yesung or Ryeowook.

Yesung was dark, mysterious, and just plain weird, though he failed at pretty much everything he did.

And Ryeowook was just a nerd, glasses perched high on his sharp cheekbones, with numbers to learn and Korean history to study.

The only thing the three of them had in common was that they were obviously great singers. But even that was questionable, as each had their own unique voice. They were so different. So how their hatred budded into love was kind of a bizarre story.




“What?!” had been Yesung's first reaction.

Kyuhyun had been picking at his nails and simply muttered an audible, “You've got to be kidding me.”

And Ryeowook just fiddled with the binding on his books, saying nothing.

“Kidding or not, we need you three, and you three only, to sing at our next Christmas event.” Renowned music-teacher Kim Jaejoong was infamous for matchmaking at their high school. But Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung were just so different that they didn't have clues in their minds as to what was going on in their hearts. Even Jae wasn't really even thinking that the three of them would complement each other so much in the end.

Me? With them?” Kyuhyun protested, raising a perfect eyebrow.

“I wouldn't be talking if I was you,” Yesung snapped. “Who has the better voice of all of us?”

“Me, of course,” Kyuhyun spat. “People would much rather listen to my smooth voice, rather that your shouting that you like to call 'music'.”

Yesung narrowed his already narrow eyes. “Excuse me, but the 'shouting' is a special talent that you obviously lack the ability to understand.”

“It's called 'belting',” Ryeowook added quietly, and Kyuhyun sent him a death glare that had even Jaejoong almost running for the hills. Ryeowook took an unconscious scoot back.

“Whose side are you on, Kim Ryeowook?” Kyuhyun asked, his question laced with hostility, and Ryeowook frowned.

“Just stating a fact, Cho Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook replied snarkily, in that outrageously high voice of his.

Jaejoong cut in by karate-chopping an arm between Yesung and Kyuhyun. “I don't care whose voice is better, or who can belt, or who can't. The point is, you're going to get along whether you like it or not. I don't care if you three never have anything to do with each other after this. You're going to get this done.”




“So,” Ryeowook said quietly, perched like a cat in his char, back so straight, it was almost arched.

“So.” Kyuhyun was practically lying in his char lazily, arms folded across his chest with an attitude that neither Yesung nor Ryeowook liked.

“So.” Yesung simply had his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers laced in a hammock that held his slightly-large head.

“Christmas song.” Kyuhyun seemed to be focused on speaking as little as possible to the two boys from totally different high school-oriented social classes compared to him.

Ryeowook let out a small smile. An actual smile. “I have a couple ideas.” Out of the three of them, he was the least hostile. Kyuhyun and Yesung were almost ready to tear each others' throats out of their necks.

“And...?” Yesung said impatiently.

“And, I think we should sing an English song,” Ryeowook explained.

Kyuhyun scoffed. “English? English? You do realize that English isn't—”

“Your first language?” Ryeowook finished. “I know, it's not mine either.” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at the lame-ness. “But,” Ryeowook protested, eying Yesung warily, “you can sing really well, so who cares if you fail at pronunciation? It'll still sound alright.” Ryeowook had to stop himself from saying 'good' at the end from fear of being on the receiving end of another hostile look from Kyuhyun's general direction.

“And besides,” Ryeowook added. “Wouldn't it just be touching if we could sing in English? Like, a capella, and really pretty, and—”

But both Yesung and Kyuhyun had zoned out a long while before. Kyuhyun was thinking about something else entirely, but Yesung was staring at Ryeowook's facial expressions and how he animatedly moved his hands when he was excited or passionate.

The boy with the artistic voice was the first to snap. He moved his hand and snatched Ryeowook's glasses from his face.

“What are you—get your hands off me, you pervert!”

Ryeowook's screech was more than enough to knock Kyuhyun from his trance as he glanced over at what was going on with interest. But Yesung no longer had his hands anywhere near Ryeowook, but he held the dark rims triumphantly in his fingertips.

Both Kyuhyun and Yesung looked over at Ryeowook, then at each other, then back at Ryeowook with raised eyebrows, while the smallest didn't really have an idea of what was going on.

They'd tap that.




“You get the upper half, and I'll take the lower half?” Yesung murmured quietly as the two boys waited for their third wheel in the music room the next day for their private practice.

“I can't believe we're basically auctioning off for some nerd who probably doesn't know what sex is besides the making of babies,” Kyuhyun said, sighing and rubbing his temples. “But he's pretty damn cute.”

Just then, metal clanged against metal and the door opened as Ryeowook entered the room. All was silent.

“...What?” Ryeowook said, noting the two taller boys staring at him.

“Don't do all 'what' on us,” Kyuhyun replied. “You don't think we wouldn't notice your lack of glasses, and therefore lack of nerdiness?”

“What happened to the glasses?” Yesung asked, a bit more straightforwardly than Kyuhyun.

“Oh, I, uh, dropped them while trying to put them back on yesterday, and they broke. So Mom brought me to the eye doctor and he gave me a pair of contacts to wear while they ship a years worth of them in for me. I've wanted contacts for a while now,” Ryeowook lied. He'd actually broken the glasses himself after he'd walked down the hallway the previous day and people actually had paid attention to him.

“You're a pampered little thing, aren't you?” Kyuhyun asked, out of the blue.

Ryeowook shrugged. “I guess you could say that.”

Kyuhyun reached over, and instinctively, Ryeowook leaned back. But Kyuhyun merely unbuttoned the smaller boy's blazer and the first two buttons on Ryeowook's school shirt.


“It looks better on you that way,” Kyuhyun said, smirking, while Yesung fumed in the background and Ryeowook gave both of them wary looks.




Their fifth practice, and they still hadn't picked a song yet.

“Come on, guys, think Christmas!” Ryeowook shouted, clapping his hands loudly over Kyuhyun and Yesung, who were busy bickering about who was the better cook.

“Ryeowook!” Yesung said, his voice overly cheerful, and it kind of made Ryeowook want to run away and hide. “Which out of the two of us do you think is the better cook?”

Ryeowook opened his mouth to speak, and then snapped it shut again in thought. “I say neither of you have any idea of what good food, or good cooking is. So shut up and think Christmas!”

“Oh, so you think you can cook?” Kyuhyun sneered. “With all your maids and servants running around and cooking for you?”

Yes, I can cook, Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook answered, his voice quivering with anger. “If you happen to think I'm some little mommy's boy who hasn't learned to take off his diaper yet, you're sadly mistaken.”

“Oh, then I must've been sadly mistaken for quite some time now,” Yesung said, smiling and examining his hands. Ryeowook squeezed his eyes shut and let out a puff of air.

This time, it was Kyuhyun's turn to snap. He glanced at Yesung's mop of black hair, tousled gently, the whole thing swaying every time Yesung moved. And was that...was that eyeliner?! Kyuhyun's face was horrified, and Ryeowook gave him a puzzled look.

“Y...Yesung, why are you wearing eyeliner?!”

It did look pretty hot in him, though Kyuhyun would never admit to thinking that.

Yesung looked up, no expression visible on his face. “Oh, I had to put it on for some skit we had in drama class today.” He reached into his pocket and produced a tube of the infamous stuff. “I have some here with me, wanna try it?”

Kyuhyun's face was even more horrified as he hurriedly scooted his chair back. “Yeah, right!”

“Christmas, Christmas, guys!” Ryeowook wailed, but that only succeeded in getting attention for other reasons.

Both Kyuhyun and Yesung smirked at him, and Ryeowook found himself getting up from his seat slowly and shakily.

“I bet it would look good on Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun said, voice laced with a hint of something Ryeowook didn't even want to know about.

“W-what?!” Ryeowook sputtered, but when Kyuhyun and Yesung started chasing him, he broke into an uncoordinated run.

Needless to say, the two taller boys caught up to him quickly and held him against the corner wall of the room and attempted to draw eyeliner on him. However, the smallest was struggling, so it only ended up getting all over his face.

Yesung was the first to let out a laugh.

All was silent after that, even Ryeowook stopped moving and stared at Yesung with doe-eyes.

A genuine laugh.

Then, Yesung couldn't stop laughing, and Kyuhyun even started chuckling at the ridiculousness of it all, and little Ryeowook let out a giggle or two.

And then it became a messy of arms and legs on the floor as Ryeowook slid down the wall, holding his stomach as Kyuhyun and Yesung were already on the floor, overcome by the best medicine of all. Ryeowook had his face hidden in his arms, which were resting on Kyuhyun's side, and he was shaking with a silent laughter, and that was how music teacher Jaejoong found them that day, at the end of practice.

Another day wasted, but not in their eyes.




Yesung was twiddling his thumbs nervously as Ryeowook was the second to arrive in the practice room the next day. The older one heard the door open and he half-jumped, half-turned around.

“Ryeowook,” Yesung said in a voice that didn't sound like his own.

Ryeowook raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“I'm sorry.”

“About what?” The younger plopped himself down in a chair and folded his hands in his lap, leaning in unconsciously.

“Chasing you yesterday.”

“Don't be.” Ryeowook smiled. “It was all fun.”

There was a whistle from behind them, and Ryeowook turned around, eying the perpetrator in disgust. “Kyuhyun...”

“You two lovebirds are making it too hot in here,” the accused called, walking into the room.

“Lovebirds?!” Ryeowook shouted in horror.

At the same time, Yesung said, “Aww, poor Kyuhyun is beginning to feel like a third wheel.”

“Are you kidding me?” Kyuhyun said, pulling a chair under him and sitting down. “You guys are...”

“Are...” Yesung said, waiting, and Ryeowook simply sat, not saying a word.

Kyuhyun stared at the two gorgeous boys in front of him. “...really good looking.”

Yesung guffawed, and Ryeowook hid behind his chair, shaking his head, with his face in his hands. “So you think I'm hot?” Yesung said, smirking, while Kyuhyun covered his mouth at the realization of what just came out of it.


But Yesung was too amused. “You want to kiss me? Give me a kiss, right here,” he said, pointing to his lips. “Mwah!”

“Yesung, you're gross,” Kyuhyun muttered, kicking Yesung's chair out from under him.

Ryeowook sat back and watched.




The bitter December wind ripped around Ryeowook as he pulled open the front door of the school forcefully, wrapped up in a coat, scarf, and hat, mittens clinging to the metal so cold, Ryeowook could feel it through the knit wool.

It was nearing six o'clock in the evening, and Ryeowook was previously at his nice, warm house (or to some, mansion) when he remembered he'd forgotten his sheet music on the piano in the music room, and he'd demanded to be sent to school to pick it up, so his butler drove the crappy car over, and through all his suffering, Ryeowook was grateful that the school wasn't locked yet.

The halls were silent and empty, some of the lights turned off even, with janitors' buckets lying around, though the actual janitors were nowhere to be found. Ryeowook found it slightly terrifying, and he sped up his pace.

He finally reached the music room, a place he felt safe and comfortable, though it was dark and he couldn't find the light switch. He groped his way around to the piano, where the sheets still were, much to Ryeowook's relief.

And then there was a sound behind him.

Ryeowook jumped, gasped and turned around. It was coming from the practice room directly across the hall.

He gave the door a look, and noticed the window above. Letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, he crept over like some creepy stalker, and peered through the window.

Two figures, tan hands on an ivory-skinned face, lips on lips, the ivory one backed against the wall opposite the piano. Ryeowook nearly groaned in disgust. The two didn't have enough decency to...wait.

Was that.

Were those.

Were those two Yesung and Kyuhyun?!

Ryeowook's mouth opened to gasp, but he couldn't get enough air to do so as lips just formed a hopeless 'o' shape. He stumbled back, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach, careful not to make too much noise as he sprinted out of the hallway, out of the school, as fast as he could.




“How is 'The First Noel' coming along?” Ryeowook asked the next day, his voice a notch quieter than usual.

“Oh, great,” Yesung replied. “Kyuhyun and I were practicing it yesterday after school.”

Ryeowook furrowed his eyebrows, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Practicing, huh?”

Yesung nodded, though Kyuhyun sensed an uneasy atmosphere.

“Alright, then, let's hear it,” Ryeowook said, leaning back in his chair and swinging one leg over the other, crossing his arms across his chest.

And while they were singing, a rainbow of thoughts were running through the lithe boy's head. Had they been doing it all along? Were they together, even before the whole musical group started? How long had they known each other?

Ryeowook felt a sharp sting of something, jealousy even, but the only problem was, he didn't know who he was jealous of, Kyuhyun or Yesung.




“Is there something wrong, Ryeowook?” Kyuhyun asked, his voice soft and gentle, and it was foreign, even to himself. The week was a week of unknown voices, he supposed.

“Oh, so Kyuhyun is being kind and caring for once,” Ryeowook snapped back, sounding harsher than he'd meant to sound.

“Is there something wrong?” Kyuhyun repeated, and Ryeowook sighed. He shouldn't be angry about something that was out of his power to control. He shouldn't be angry when he didn't even know why he was angry. He didn't like them, did he?

“No,” Ryeowook said flatly, shaking his head, hair whipping around his face, confusion etched on the precious skin. He got up and stumbled down the hallway toward the cafeteria. “Not at all.”




And that was how innocent baby Kim Ryeowook found the two the next day, strangely reminiscent of an evening that would forever be embedded into the boy's memory. It was like deja vu.

Kyuhyun's messy brown hair edged with white as it wiped away notes on the chalkboard, Yesung in front of him, kissing him like the world would end the next day. And there was tongue, oh my god, there was tongue.

Ryeowook bit his lip and tried leaving the room without being noticed, but he backed into the door handle which clanged loudly against the door, leaving Kyuhyun and Yesung to tear themselves away from each other and stare in shock in Ryeowook's direction.

The smallest gulped and stood, frozen in place. He didn't know where to go. His hand found the metal handle behind him and pushed at it lightly, but in an instant, Kyuhyun was out of Yesung's arms and in front of him. His eyes were dark and his face was serious and a familiar smirk was slowly creeping its way onto his face.

“Where you do think you're going?”




Ryeowook mewled as Kyuhyun ripped open his shirt, his blazer already a crumpled mess on the floor. He didn't care if it was just nearing the end of the day, the bell about to ring. He didn't care of music teacher Jaejoong walked in on them in that compromising position. And he didn't care about how he'd explain the missing buttons on his shirt and probably visible hickey to his parents.

He just wanted more.

Kyuhyun ran his white hands down Ryeowook's even whiter chest, and Ryeowook jerked at the cold touch, though not being able to move anywhere, due to Yesung's strong grip. The eldest was devouring his mouth, and enjoying every moment of it.

Ryeowook wrapped his arms around Yesung's neck, and Kyuhyun, feeling neglected, slid his hand into Ryeowook's pants, and smirked when the smaller boy jerked his lean hips and moaned Kyuhyun's name into Yesung's mouth.

Ryeowook never imagined it to be like this.

But this was better.




“Why are the buttons missing on your shirt in the first place?” Ryeowook's mother asked when he shoved his shirt into her hands and asked her to re-sew the buttons on before class on Monday.

“Yeah, and why do you have a bruise on your neck?” his father added.

Ryeowook groaned (not an unfamiliar sound to Kyuhyun and Yesung) and rolled his eyes. “I was walking down the stairwell at school, and my shirt caught on a nail in the wall, but I ended up falling and hitting my neck on the railing.” He was a pretty good liar, especially when he wasn't looking his parents in the face and instead running up the stairs to get ready for the Christmas event.

“And who is that boy at the door?”

Ryeowook's head jerked around as the front door was opened and Kyuhyun appeared in a tuxedo, white rose corsage pinned to his chest.

“Looks like he's taking you to prom,” one of the maids at the top of the stairs teased, and Ryeowook pouted.

“Kyuhyun, why are you here?!”

“To pick you up,” Kyuhyun replied simply. “For the Christmas event. Yesung's in the car.”

“Why are we going together?!” Ryeowook wailed.

“Because...we want to?”

The smallest sighed. “Don't I ever get a say in anything?”

“No,” Kyuhyun replied, smirking. “Now get ready.”




When Ryeowook appeared at the bottom of the stairs in a white tuxedo, he glanced almost shyly up at Kyuhyun, who smiled his first tender smile at Ryeowook.

He grabbed Ryeowook's wrist, yanking his hand from the railing and the smaller landed against Kyuhyun's chest with a thump. And then Kyuhyun leaned down and kissed Ryeowook's lips. Right there. In front of his parents.

“KYU!” Ryeowook shrieked, and Kyuhyun laughed.

Ryeowook's mother whistled. She smiled and said, “Have fun, boys!” while Ryeowook was shoving Kyuhyun out the front door in embarrassment, feet trudging through the snow. “Be safe!”




“The Christmas charity event was a success, boys,” Jaejoong announced, smiling warmly at the three of them. “Thanks so much.”

“It wasn't a problem,” Yesung said formally.

At the same time, Ryeowook said, “You're welcome,” and bowed.

And Kyuhyun was saying, “No prob.”

Jaejoong laughed. “Even in speech, you three blend.” He shifted his weight to the other foot. “So, did you guys get along?”

“We...endured,” Yesung said, winking at Ryeowook.

Kyuhyun piped up. “And we'll definitely be doing more songs in the future, if you need us.”




And though it wasn't some lame love story about how their differences brought them together, because saying that would be lying to its fullest extent, but the important thing was that they fell in love, and it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread (and Sooyoung's haircut).

No one really knew how it happened. Perhaps it had something to do with Ryeowook's sugar, Kyuhyun's spice, or Yesung's general fail. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it wasn't.

Or maybe that was just the recipe for love.


a/n: why am I addicted to writing cute things?! ;o;

Um, yeah. I actually thought of the title for this fic before actually writing it. XD Haha. KRY are so awesome. Why are you guys so awesome? XD >w< Poor Ryeowook. I'm always making him suffer, even though he's my favorite. -shot-



Tags: #one-shot, group: super junior, ot3: kyuhyun/ryeowook/yesung
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